Goodbye Nightshade Woes!

Your Secret Weapon for Nightshade-Free Travel

No Misunderstandings: Picture icons cut through language barriers

Instant Recognition: Restaurant staff can quickly identify your off-limits foods

Globally Effective: Proven success with restaurants worldwide.

Simple to Use: No more language fumbling or confusion.

Price for Packet of TEN Cards
Because Kitchens keep cards

Traveling internationally with a nightshade sensitivity (think tomatoes, eggplant, chili peppers, green peppers …) can be daunting. Unfamiliar menus become minefields of potential gas, bloating, nausea, and even hospitalizations – not exactly a recipe for vacation bliss.

Your secret weapon for stress-free, delicious dining adventures anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to the frustrating translated food names list! Regional local variations in food names can make them unreliable.

The key? Universal symbols. A simple picture of a tomato  speaks volumes and cuts through language barriers, ensuring clear communication everywhere you roam.

Ditch the confusion! Skull and crossbones are scary for restaurant staff.  Our Allergy Alert Card uses clear pictures of off-limits foods, along with a list of names in English, resulting in positive safe response from restaurant staff worldwide.

Don’t settle for a limited travel experience! Order your Visual Allergy Alert Card today and unlock a world of delicious worry-free travel!

Allergy Alert Card Makes Travel Easier!

Price for Packet of TEN Cards
Because Kitchens keep cards